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Auto Doors

Established in 1969 and with corporate headquarters based out of Elk Grove Village, IL, Midaco is a leading full line manufacturer of pallet changers and many other efficient products aimed at saving manufacturing time, increasing productivity and output and making your company more profitable. In an increasingly competitive business market, Midaco's innovative products help to significantly increase the profits of their global customers. They continually seek to develop and create new products to stay ahead of the technology curve and provide the latest innovations to customers all over the world.

Palletization and Automation

System 3R is known as a global supplier of high-quality tooling systems, 
tools and software for palletization and automation in the global precision
production industry.

  • Established 1967

  • Head office in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Production in Sweden, Switzerland and Japan

  • Approximately 400 employees

  • Quality and environmental certified acc. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard

  • A member of the Georg Fischer Group, Switzerland


5th Axis Workholding was created out of shear necessity.  When Co-CEO’s Steve Grangetto and Chris Taylor started 5th Axis Inc. in 2005, they immediately recognized the need for quality workholding that addressed many of the common issues machinists encounter when moving into the 4th and 5th axis machining.

“A lot of people still aren’t used to thinking in 5 axes when it comes to fixturing,” observes Chris. “They often design them to get a part on and off quickly, without stopping to think about clearance issues.” In 5-axis work, A- and B-axis movement can seriously impact Z-axis clearance. Careless designs invite costly crashes. Longer tools lessen some clearance issues, but introduce problems of their own.

Coming in from all five sides with just one mounting is a big advantage. Everything is established in one operation, and we never have to worry about initial mounting accuracy.”


Kurt is an industry leader in workholding solutions for all areas of manufacturing. They continue to strive for excellence in their design and manufacturing process, and are ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100 C, and 6 SIGMA certified, among other accolades. Production facilities are located in Pueblo, CO, Lyman, NE, and Minneapolis, MN.

Digital Readout Systems

Newall has specialized for more than 40 years in providing the machine tool and other machinery and production industries with leading edge technologies that increase productivity and machine tool efficiency.

The need for a reliable and highly accurate linear encoder led Newall in 1973 to develop its world renowned Spherosyn™ linear encoder. Spherosyn™ incorporates a truly unique design in that none of the electrical or measuring components are exposed to the harsh workshop environment.

Quality lathe chucks

Qu Industrial Co. is a manufacturer and distributor of high-end lathe and power chucks, associate jaws and machine manufacturing accessories.

QU purchased W.H. Industrial / BTC® Chuck has been a leading manufacturer of machine tool lathe chucks for over 50 years, and is the largest manufacturer of chucks in the world. They have developed a reputation for high quality products at competitive prices, and are universally known for their Zero Set® chuck. This is a universal manual chuck that enables operators to obtain .0004" TIR repeatability on duplicate parts. It can be adapted to operate on any type of spindle.

High Performance Tooling

For over 20 years Dorian Tool has been an active player in the metal working and other related manufacturing industries, particularly in the research and development of highly technical, innovative tooling. The continued focus on improving the design and use of the latest technology in production has resulted in tools which simplify machining processes, enhance manufacturing quality and increase production output.


Dorian Tool offers a wide range of high performance tooling to cover the needs of a wide range of industries. Whether machining parts for automotive, aerospace, oil, defense or other industrial applications; large parts or small; no matter the size or complexity, the unmatched quality of Dorian Tool products “Will Turn Machining Into Profit”.

Coolant & Cutting Fluid

For over forty-five years, Tullco, Inc., has been manufacturing water-soluble, polymer-based lubricants/coolants for use in machine shops all over the US and Canada.  Over four decades, it has developed four exceptional products: Premier Poly-Cut™, Poly-Cut™, Poly-Form™ and Poly-Cut™ Defoamer.  These products have enabled Tullco, Inc., to solve many common problems related to the machining industry.

Robotic Arms

Universal Robots changes how people work and live around the globe by empowering their ideas and dreams. More than simply automation, Universal Robots easy-to-use robot arms allow a manufacturer to reduce the strain of repetitive tasks.  UR’s cobot solutions deliver the flexibility and financial return that manufacturers need to compete and win in any market condition.

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