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Cincinnati's drive for innovation is evident in the design of their machines, controls and software. They developed the first linear-motor-driven laser cutting systems, and still produce their own linear motors, controls and software – unique in the industry. With 3G acceleration, 12,000 ipm rapids, and automated pallet changing standard, it would be a mistake to not take a look at American-made Cincinnati lasers for your next purchase.

With more than 20 years of experience and technological know-how, GROMAX is an overseas manufacturer, local distributor and seller of a variety of precision machine and tool products. These include Laser machines (includes cutting, welding, and engraving) , sinker EDM/drill EDM grinders, milling machines, lathes, related accessories, and VDI tool holders. Their catalogue includes such accessories as vises, chucks, tooling systems, electrode holders, spindles, precision tubing and ceramic guides, and others. GROMAX products are designed or redesigned according to specifications specified in their Irvine, California headquarters, and transmitted overseas for use in various productive facilities.

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