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eNETDNC provides both wired and wireless Ethernet based CNC file management solutions. As the use of CNC technology in machining has grown drastically, production managers have found themselves burdened with managing multiple machines and program revisions. Providing a single source for storing all files that is accessible from all CNC machines as well as the front office reduces set-up time and ensures documentation is always up-to-date. Software features tapered access, allowing operators to log-in and access programs on the machine, while still protecting files from unauthorized editing. If a file is modified, it is saved as a new revision, guarding against unintended edits. An easy compare feature allows engineers to view the program revisions side by side for instant analysis.

If your shop operates like many others out there, you probably find it difficult to maintain tight job control. With customers constantly changing their order requirements, release quanti- ties and delivery dates, scheduling can become a nightmare. Without accurate production and costing data, requoting repeat orders or reviewing the profitability of orders becomes guesswork at best.

Some of the typical problems that plague shops includes:

• Unprofitable estimates and jobs
• Late Orders
• Unrealistic Delivery Dates
• Lack of timely operation and employee efficiency/performance information

• Inefficient/Inaccurate Job scheduling methods

• Unrealistic schedules, deadlines resulting in late orders
• Lack of accurate and timely production/progress information

• Inaccurate/Inefficient manual inventory control systems
• Lack of accurate job recap, costing and profitability data


We can solve all of this and more!

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